Act Now: Afghanistan, Lebanon and Haiti

Right now, there are multiple crises happening across the globe. At Deed, we want to empower people to take action and offer their support. Here are a few nonprofits you can donate to on Deed today.



Disaster relief in Afghanistan

  • Women for Afghan Women – Women and girls are said to be those who will be affected most by the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. WAW is working diligently to keep their clients, staff, and families safe by evacuating shelters and providing resources and aid to women and their families.

  • Internews – The development of a vibrant media sector has been a key success story in Afghanistan. Journalists have played a critical role in providing local communities with accurate and accessible information. Now, the Taliban is taking over more territory, leaving journalists, particularly women journalists, on the ground at grave risk. Internews is providing emergency funds to relocate journalists and activists to safety and to support their vital media and community engagement work.

  • Bamyan Foundation – Bamyan Foundation is working to support vulnerable populations fleeing the rapid advancement of the Taliban. Following recent school terror attacks in Kabul, Afghanistan, we will provide cash assistance to the families of student victims, scholarships to students, and help schools resume operations. They have expanded their efforts to support the internally displaced, particularly women, fleeing the Taliban with cash assistance for food, shelter and basic necessities.

Disaster relief in Lebanon

  • International Rescue Committee – IRC is also fundraising to provide immediate cash and economic assistance to those impacted and displaced by the explosion in Beirut.

  • Union of Relief and Development Associations – URDA is a Lebanese non-governmental association that aims to improve the conditions of the most vulnerable groups in Lebanon. The Akkar explosion comes less than two weeks after Lebanon marked the first anniversary of Beirut Blast heaping new misery on a country already suffering from an economic crisis and severe fuel shortages that have crippled hospitals and caused long power cuts. 

Disaster relief in Haiti

  • Project Hope –Project HOPE has deployed an emergency response team and is mobilizing to assess immediate health needs like hygiene kits, PPE and water purification supplies to save as many lives as possible.
  • United Way of Miami Dade – The United Way and the Miami Herald/El Nuevo Herald have activated Operation Helping Hands for victims of the Haiti earthquake. United Way of Miami-Dade will work with the local Sant La Haitian Neighborhood Center, Miami-Dade County and nonprofits in the affected areas to support recovery needs.
  • Hope for Haiti – Hope for Haiti is providing emergency kits and supplies to vulnerable individuals and families. Their team lives and works in the communities we serve, and is made up of Haitian doctors, nurses, program managers, and others dedicated to improving their own country. 
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