6 Ways To Engage Employees With Donation Credits

Donation credits can be a key component of a workplace giving program. They are dollars pre-seeded to employees to donate to the nonprofit of their choice. Donation credits boost employee morale, impact, and engagement within your social impact program. 


Donation credits are such an easy and beneficial way of providing employees with the means to do good. Many companies set aside part of their overall giving budget for donation credits and leverage them as an employee benefit. We also know these programs help employees on their journey to do good deeds at work. People who have a workplace giving program are happier and feel a sense of purpose. 


Offering credits and empowering every employee to donate is a benefit for all, but that's just the first step. Next, you need to create programming that utilizes donation credits to bolster your giving program and boost employee engagement. Below we've outlined six simple ways to engage your employees around donation credits.


1. Welcome funds for new hires

Alongside onboardings, a team lunch, and other first-day perks for new employees, include donation credits! Many companies give new hires credits as a way to welcome them to the team, introduce their social impact program, and empower the new hire to do good from day one. We've seen this type of donation credit program be a successful jumping-off point for engaging employees in your social impact or CSR program long term. 


2. Celebrate current employee milestones

Don't just reward new hires for joining the team. In addition, celebrate the colleagues you already have. For example, consider giving employees donation credits for work anniversaries, promotions, or other key moments. 


3. Double your impact with dollars for doers

Many companies incentivize volunteering with donation credits. As an example, a company might offer $20-worth of donation credits for every hour volunteered. As that employee volunteers, they accumulate funds to later donate. This model doubles your company's overall impact and engagement by getting each employee to volunteer and donate. 


4. Instead of a company hoodie, try donation credits

With the holidays around the corner, you're likely already thinking about swag bags or other small gifts for employees. Many companies are opting to swap merch or gifts for donation credits. 


5. Offer donation credits as an incentive or prize to boost employee engagement

Maximize impact and use your giving program budget by thinking of creative ways to give employees donation credits. Some examples include: creating volunteering challenges with credits as a prize, raffling off donation credits, or providing employee resource groups with funds during ERG-run programming. 


6. Enhance your employee giving program

Adding donation credits as a pillar of your giving program can boost engagement and an overall sense of community amongst employees. Celebrate your team as they use their credits and acknowledge the donations made. By promoting your donation credit offering, you show that your company cares about seeing everyone do good deeds. 


On the Deed platform, you will find our donation credit feature makes the entire process simple and easy for admins and employees. This feature is just one component of Deed's robust giving capabilities. Learn more about how Deed can support you and your employees' donations today!  



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