We Just Closed the Feedback Loop. Lead From Behind With our New Survey Tool.


Sixty-three percent of employees want their employer to provide more opportunities for purpose in their day-to-day lives. 


With our new survey tool, you will call your employees and partnering nonprofits into the social impact decision-making process in a meaningful way. 


With surveys from Deed, you can: 


Target your audience by selecting contact details or mailing address, and adding name, subtitle, description, and Deed login requirements. 

Diversify responses with questions answerable by checkbox, pick-one dropdown, or multiple-choice selection.

Personalize each form with conditioning, which uses respondents’ responses to one question/section to determine what they see next. 

Put feedback to use by easily exporting all responses. 


If you are designing your first ESG campaign, assessing your latest employee giving drive, or directing next quarter’s budget toward the causes your team cares about most, Deed’s surveys will give you the feedback you need to make the right call. In addition to surveys, we have two new features admins and employees can use to deepen their collective impact: 


  • Admins and employees can now Nominate a Nonprofit to partner with Deed
  • With Employee Affiliation, employees can note nonprofit involvement and admins can see which organizations their teams support most 


Want to make a meaningful social impact, but need an empathetic, nimble, and collaborative partner? You need Deed. Book a demo today.





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