Deed & GiveIndia: A Powerful Partnership

We are thrilled to announce a new and powerful partnership with India’s largest, most trusted giving platform. 

Deed and GiveIndia have teamed up to expand donation access to 2M+ donors and 250+ partners supporting 2,500+ verified nonprofits, serving 15M+ people across the country.


“We only partner with organizations we truly believe in. GiveIndia is in a class of one with respect to the passion, scale, and impact of its efforts to lift millions out of poverty. With Deed’s help, my sincere hope is that the world will answer GiveIndia’s plea to ensure no child goes hungry, no family goes unhoused, and no life is lived without the dignity and hope we all deserve.”

Deevee Kashi (CEO & Co-Founder, Deed)


Deed is for changemakers who know modern problems require modern solutions. We have created the most inclusive, insightful, and useful impact tool to artfully bring people together. Because at a time when 93% of employees say companies should lead with purpose, you need more than product—you need community. 


There is no reason for 300 million Indian citizens to continue to live below the poverty line if we can empower a generation of socially conscious citizens in India and abroad. GiveIndia's partnership with Deed is a step in that direction as it will enable and scale workplace giving worldwide. We hope more and more people will join the giving ecosystem through Deed and become part of GiveIndia's mission to alleviate poverty.

Atul Satija (CEO & Founder 2.0, GiveIndia)


GiveIndia, which was established in 2000, is the largest and the most trusted giving platform in India. It enables individuals and organizations to raise and donate funds conveniently to any cause they care about, with offerings including crowdfunding, corporate giving, cause marketing, and philanthropy consulting.


Now that GiveIndia is fully integrated on Deed, it’s never been easier to give to the thousands of deserving nonprofits spread throughout India’s most underserved communities. 

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