Deed's Commitment to Reproductive Rights

The distressing news that the US Supreme Court is prepared to fundamentally alter healthcare rights has forced many of us to reflect on the personal implications of such a decision, but the catastrophic consequences of such a change for Americans who already struggle with healthcare and financial resources is truly devastating. This issue will adversely affect not only women, but transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals, and will have a disproprotionate impact on marginalized and underserved people and communities.

We at Deed strongly believe that all individuals should have access to reproductive healthcare and the ability to make and act upon decisions related to the health and wellbeing of their own bodies, an opinion that is shared by the majority of Americans

Internally, Deed will be offering support to any individual employee who is detrimentally impacted by this decision and any subsequent changes in laws, and will be evolving our internal healthcare benefits and policies as part of our commitment to providing a safe and inclusive workplace. Deed also wants to encourage both our own employees as well as our broader community to donate and volunteer with organizations who offer critical support to individuals who may now be forced to endure dangerous and traumatic pregnancies that will have long-term health and financial consequences. 


Reproductive Rights Organizations to Support:

Planned Parenthood Chapters
The PP chapters below operate in states especially vulnerable to the reversal of Roe v. Wade:

Lilith Fund (Texas)

Black Mamas Matter Alliance (Georgia)

ACCESS (California)

Center for Reproductive Rights (U.S.)

Women’s Reproductive Rights Assistance Project (U.S.)

National Latina Institute for Reproductive Rights (U.S.)

SisterSong (U.S.)

In Our Own Voice: National Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Agenda (U.S.)

National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center (U.S.)

Women’s Refugee Commission (U.S.)

Brigid Alliance (U.S.)

Guttmacher Institute (U.S., Global)


At Deed, one of our core values is collaboration. While this news has been agonizing, it’s critical to remember that we can take action, not just to support and empower the organizations listed above, but together we can ensure that the laws regulating our access to healthcare do not infringe on our basic freedoms. Together, we can elect and support lawmakers who protect such fundamental rights, and hold elected officials accountable for upholding basic freedoms such as bodily autonomy. While the Supreme Court may issue an opinion that permits the restriction of basic rights, together we can make certain that our voices are heard and that the individuals we vote into office reflect our values.




 Kristin Janssen

 Chief Administrative Officer

 -Team Deed


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