Introducing Deed Communities—where change-makers meet.

67 percent of employees prefer to work for socially responsible companies, Nielsen reports. However, most employee resource groups lack the direction, consistency, and engagement tools they need to make the difference their corporate leadership envision. 


But now, you can invite your employees into the modern, inclusive, and responsible workplace. Introducing Deed Communities—where impact meets. 


In our Communities, your employees won’t just find new and better ways to stay engaged—there, they’ll finally have the chance to become part of something greater than themselves, using features like: 


Purpose-driven social network to share good deeds like volunteering and donations with friends and colleagues

Interest-based communities that anyone can organize around employee resource groups, favorite causes, giving and volunteering habits, or any other way of doing good together

Personalized feed where useful content is aggregated from across all of the user’s communities


3. Interest based communities


Plus, at a time when 63 percent of employees want their employers to provide more opportunities for purpose in their day-to-day lives, we’re building Communities to help you deliver as your company’s impact leader, with new admin functionality including: 


—Manage your Community/ERG programs from end to end on our platform 

Lead from behind with admin power to manage Community members 

—Craft the story of your impact with powerful page design functionality, metrics, and reporting 


2. Purpose-driven social network Email-2


Interested, but need specifics on how Deed will enrich and scale your ESG/CSR? 

We would be grateful to have you by our side as we continue to explore and define the future of social impact.  




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