Series A Announcement from CEO & Cofounder Deevee Kashi

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We’re delighted to share that Deed has closed a $10M Series A round led by Earlybird Venture Capital and joined by PruVen CapitalY CombinatorPaua Ventures, along with visionary leaders like Dara Khosrowshahi and Jeffrey Katzenberg.  

We began our journey with a singular mission - to help people do more good deeds. As our community of volunteers grew, many asked how they could bring Deed to work and continue their philanthropic efforts there. So we evolved and built a modern platform designed to engage a new generation of socially conscious employees by empowering them to leverage their time, skills, money, and voice in service of causes they care about. We are deeply grateful to our amazing client-partners, who inspire us every day with how they use Deed to build inclusive, purpose-driven cultures and create a positive impact on a global scale.

Now in the age of remote work and the Great Resignation, employers are finding it ever more challenging to provide employees with a sense of belonging. Deed is again here to help - by allowing companies to listen to and collaborate with employees around shared ESG goals, and by empowering employees to connect around shared causes and build diverse communities in the workplace. 

With this raise, we plan to:
🎉 Grow our talented team of kind-hearted humans
💪 Keep building the best product our clients have ever used
🔑 Unlock innovative ways to give and centralize your philanthropy
🤗 Provide even more personalized service for our clients
💜 Further enhance how we serve our amazing nonprofit community
📈 Innovate how data is used and reported to be more outcome-centric 
⚡ Integrate with even more strategic partners
🚀 And much more!

All of this, of course, has only been possible because of our wonderful client-partners, tremendous team, incredible mentors and investors (special shout out to Federico Wengi and our YC guru Michael Seibel), and of course, my co-founders Steven Liu and Aske Ertmann. Thank you too to Greg Kumparak for such a great write-up! 🙏 


Oh, and we’re hiring!


-Deevee Kashi, CEO and Cofounder of Deed


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