Top 6 Best Practices: Workplace Volunteering Program

If you’re in the process of running a workplace volunteering program, you’re also trying to figure out the best ways to support your team. Deed is here to help! We’re eager to empower you and your employees to find a sense of purpose. 


Volunteering can be a crucial part of any workplace social impact or corporate social responsibility program. Including volunteering as part of your impact allows you to offer more opportunities to give back beyond donations and matching. Plus, rolling up your sleeves to volunteer (IRL or virtually) feels good, boosting overall employee engagement and morale.


Additionally, including volunteering in your program gives employees more choice. Everyone has their own pet causes and personal passions, and volunteering allows employees to find their purpose while building a company culture of collective impact. On Deed, there are over 2 million nonprofits to choose from. And with Deed’s innovative matchmaking technology, anyone can find the right volunteer opportunities based on preferences and profile.


Check out our six best practices for a workplace volunteering program: 


  1. Create engaging volunteering and skill-sharing opportunities. You’ll encourage participation while showing employees you care about giving back. Virtual volunteering is popular, as is COVID-safe in-person volunteering.

  2. Empower employees to create volunteering opportunities for issues they're passionate about. Your employees will be more likely to participate if there are opportunities meaningful to them. 

  3. Create a culture of giving back. This can include giving employees donation credits for volunteering, VTO (volunteer time off), and supporting company-wide initiatives. 

  4. Support your ERGs. Encourage your ERGs to offer their perspective on specific causes, organizations, and opportunities. Your ERGs are insightful and can be leveraged to grow employee engagement and impact.

  5. Meet your employees where they are–digitally. Use the Deed iOS/Android app for programming, and use Deed’s Slack app to better communicate with employees around volunteering opportunities. 

  6. Make volunteering simple. Use the Deed platform to ensure that you’re making volunteering accessible, exciting, and easy to do. There are so many features–from geo-check in and integrated volunteer forms to team-building opportunities–on Deed that make volunteering fun and easy for both employees and admins. 

Interested in learning more about workplace volunteering? Think Deed could help? Get in touch! 

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