Why Food Insecurity Could Define 2023

“For now I ask no more than the justice of eating.”

Pablo Neruda, Chilean poet, Nobel Prize laureate




This January, our "Cause of the Month" is food insecurity. We are highlighting nonprofits working to address disparities in access, quality, and security of food in households all over the world.


Right now, the average family is struggling to cover regular expenses. Inflation has impacted the price of basic necessities like transportation, rent, and, of course, food. Coupled with the expiration of many safety nets, which protected families from food insecurity in 2021, that means the risk of malnutrition and hunger today is dangerously high.


As of June 2022, approximately one in five adults (21.4 percent) reported food insecurity in their households. Part of what makes food insecurity so difficult to solve is that the underlying causes—housing, unemployment, and inconsistent access to healthy food—are often deeply interconnected in complex ways.


It can feel overwhelming to think about the scale of our global food systems crisis; fortunately, the immense scale and reach of issues means that you can start small and make an impact in your local community today. Ideas to engage at the macro and micro level are embedded through this toolkit.


In addition to thinking about those struggling with food insecurity this year, we encourage the Deed community to consider how changing some daily habits can have a meaningful effect on food justice, both locally and around the world.


In our January “Cause of the Month: Food Insecurity” toolkit, you will find: 


  • Volunteer and giving opportunities in the U.S. and around the world
  • In-depth look at specific cause areas, including: women & girls, youth, people of the global majority, and more
  • A calendar of awareness days in January
  • Employee and ERG engagement ideas, as well as a walkthrough of how to craft your campaign to combat food insecurity
  • Recommendations of worthwhile books, podcasts, and films on food insecurity









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To claim your copy of our "Cause of the Month: Food Insecurity" toolkit, reach out now.




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