A New Era in Social Impact Measurement

Deed and True Impact are teaming up to make it easier to measure the real-world impact of every hour and dollar contributed by employees and companies doing good 


We are excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership between Deed, the premier enterprise workplace giving and volunteering platform, and True Impact, the leading CSR impact measurement solution. This collaboration introduces an innovative integration designed to simplify the often complex process of impact measurement for companies and nonprofits alike.


Employee engagement meets impact measurement


In today's corporate landscape, measuring the actual impact of corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities is critical. Through our new integration, corporate citizenship professionals can now effortlessly gauge the effects of their company and employee efforts, enabling more informed decision-making and impactful storytelling.


Deevee Kashi, CEO and Co-Founder of Deed, highlights the significance of this partnership: 


“Deed helps the Fortune 500 put a human face on corporate social responsibility. By going beyond measuring dollars donated and hours volunteered, some of the world’s most inspiring companies, from Airbnb to lululemon, are telling true, data-driven stories of their incredible impact. Our integration with True Impact reduces the strain of data collection, bringing greater value while helping communities.”


Farron Levy, CEO & Founder of True Impact, echoes this sentiment:


“Our mission is to make impact measurement easier and more accessible to CSR teams and their nonprofit partners. Partnering with Deed, our new integration empowers professionals with better insights on what works, leading to better storytelling for companies, easier reporting for nonprofits, and greater impact at a sector level."


Key features included in the integration


The True Impact and Deed integration offers an unparalleled ability to capture and amplify the impact of workplace giving and volunteer programs. Key benefits for users include:


Comprehensive Impact Visibility

Users can view the impact of their donations and volunteer hours within their Deed dashboards and reports, alongside other key metrics.


Time Efficiency

Automatic data capture and merging between the two platforms provide a holistic view of a company’s impact, without additional time needed from CSR teams.


Accessible Reports

Impact reports are readily available in both platforms, allowing CSR teams and individual employees to understand the positive outcomes of their contributions.


Getting started: Measure all your employees’ good deeds and make data-driven CSR decisions


This partnership marks a significant step forward in CSR impact measurement. To learn more about how True Impact and Deed are revolutionizing the field and benefiting CSR practitioners, reach out now.


Join Deed and True Impact today and be part of a movement that’s making it easier to measure, understand, and enhance your social impact.


About Deed


Deed is an enterprise social impact platform that makes it fun and easy for millions of employees to share their time, money, and talent with causes they care about. We started as a viral volunteering app, Deed now provides the world’s most inspiring brands—from Airbnb to lululemon—with a beautifully designed platform for all their purpose-driven activities.


About True Impact


True Impact is a leading social impact reporting solution that helps Fortune 1000 companies and their nonprofit partners measure how much their philanthropy benefits society. Combining a guided impact reporting wizard with expert support, True Impact has assisted thousands of companies and their partners in proving and improving the impact of their charitable contributions. For more information, visit trueimpact.com.



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