September 5th is the International Day of Charity!

Did you know that September 5th is the United Nations’ International Day of Charity?


Every year, the United Nations celebrates International Day of Charity by finding ways for nonprofits and individuals to give back to the world around them.


This year, that need feels more important than ever. With crises—from wildfires to humanitarian disasters to once-in-a-century hurricanes—happening all across the globe, taking a minute to do a good deed matters more than ever to people in need. But it can also be overwhelming to find the right way to support and make an impact in a moment saturated with information. You need trusted, reliable places to give back, and you need to know how you can engage.


That’s where Deed comes in. We make workplace volunteering and giving empowering, accessible, and, most importantly at a moment like this, simple. We find the right, vetted volunteering and giving opportunities, and make it as easy as possible for you to do good. And when the media moves on, we’re still here. Our platform offers a library of over two million global nonprofits. That makes for over two million possibilities to do good on Deed. 


So, if you’re looking to celebrate the International Day of Charity and get involved where it counts, check out the list below. And, if your workplace doesn’t have Deed yet, request a demo to learn more!

Support Afghanistan: 

Support Louisiana in the wake of Hurricane Ida:

Support the the Northern California Caldor Fire Relief:

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