Social Impact Data you can Actually use. Introducing Deed’s new Advanced Dashboards.

Deed already offers the most engaging employee impact experience. Now our new Advanced Dashboards give you further insight into employee Donations, Volunteering, and Engagement data, so you can visualize and scale inclusive social impact. With these dashboards, corporate changemakers are better positioned to enable employee and company participation and leadership in social impact efforts, with features like:


- New data views, including employee engagement data on donor count (one-time vs. repeat) and first-time logins by user country

- Smarter benchmarking with quick comparisons of previous time periods 

- Ability to toggle between chart vs. table views 

- Drag and drop capabilities, for your team to customize your dashboard layout


For Deed, Advanced Dashboards represent an exciting step toward the future of impact data and reporting. 


The rapidly evolving, increasingly complex problems of the modern world demand smarter, faster decision-making from the business community. 


Corporate leadership’s role is clear: to lead their employees, customers, and supply chain by example, through authentic ESG and CSR initiatives, and to prove we can do well in business by doing good for the world. 


If you’re up for the challenge, Deed has the world-class data functionality that will empower you to get there.



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