Top 5 things that are limiting growth in your employee engagement program right now

Employee engagement is a cornerstone of a thriving workplace culture, yet many organizations face challenges that impede the growth of their programs. Identifying and addressing these barriers is crucial for creating a dynamic and impactful employee engagement initiative. Here are the top five factors that might be limiting the growth of your program and strategies to overcome them:


Buy-in from senior leadership 

Devote a meaningful amount of time to crafting and articulating a clear, concrete, and achievable plan for engaging employees in social impact. Think of it as the rubric your leadership will use to think through how the company as it currently exists can be steered in a more sustainable direction. 


Another key thing is executive communications that go out to the whole organization. If you can get your CEO or a member of the c-suite to send out communications, join volunteering events, deepen their engagement with nonprofits beyond board membership, and recognize employees for their good deeds (e.g., service awards). 


Remember: stand by with talking points on the business case for environmental, social ESG, you will need to refer back to them for recalibration once the discussion with your leadership progresses to the implementation stage. Vantage is a monthly newsletter on the future of responsible business that helps social impact leaders take the long view. Subscribe now for curated industry news and analysis of emerging trends in the impact space.


Community-building around social impact

One of the fundamental aspects of employee engagement is fostering a sense of community around social impact initiatives. However, the lack of a cohesive community-building strategy can hinder program growth. To overcome this limitation, focus on creating a centralized platform that encourages collaboration, discussion, and shared experiences.


Implement discussion forums, interest groups, and employee-led initiatives to facilitate meaningful connections. Encourage employees to share their stories and impact, creating a sense of camaraderie and purpose. By building a vibrant social impact community within your organization, you'll break down barriers and enhance engagement organically.


Nonprofit partnerships

The strength of your employee engagement program is closely tied to the quality of your nonprofit partnerships. Limited or uninspiring partnerships can restrict the growth potential of your program. To overcome this limitation, take a strategic approach to selecting and nurturing relationships with nonprofits.


Conduct thorough research to align nonprofit missions with your organization's values. Establish long-term partnerships that allow for deeper collaboration and a more profound impact. Regularly communicate the successes and impact of these partnerships to employees, reinforcing the value of their contributions. The more meaningful the connection with nonprofits, the more attractive and impactful your employee engagement program will become.


Flexible volunteering options

Offering flexibility in volunteering options is crucial for accommodating the diverse interests and schedules of your employees. If your program is limited to traditional, in-person volunteering, it might be excluding a significant portion of your workforce. To address this, diversify your volunteering opportunities.


Introduce virtual volunteering initiatives that allow employees to contribute from anywhere. Provide options for one-off volunteering events, accommodating those with limited availability. Additionally, incorporate long-term and skills-based volunteering opportunities, recognizing and leveraging the unique talents of your workforce. A flexible volunteering program ensures that all employees can participate, fostering a more inclusive and engaged workplace culture.


Workplace giving and volunteering software should be integrated with existing systems


We’ve all heard the slogan touting the importance of “meeting employees there they are at,” but when it comes to exciting new technology, what that means in practice is a platform that is integrated with your existing platforms that can make it as easy for them to engage. Ie Slack app, Okta (SSO), Workday (2 way sync), VTO (2 way sync), everything in one place with Communities and Actions, and lastly gamification with Badges. Matching



In conclusion, addressing these five limitations in your employee engagement program can unlock its full growth potential. By building a strong community around social impact, streamlining donation matching, nurturing impactful nonprofit partnerships, offering flexible volunteering options, and investing in robust data and reporting tools, you can create a dynamic and thriving employee engagement program that contributes to a positive workplace culture and meaningful societal impact.




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