6 Impactful & Virtual Team Building Activities

We’re coming up on over 1.5 years of dispersed teams and working through a global pandemic. Things have been tough, but we’ve adapted. Thanks to video chat, Slack, and a laundry list of other technology, we’re able to stay collaborative and connected. Of course, all these tools are excellent for productivity, but what about your work culture? 


You can maintain your company culture and team-build remotely too! Having a purpose-driven culture increases employee engagement, productivity, and overall happiness. Without water-cooler chats, coworker coffees, and volunteer outings, we’re looking for new ways to connect. 


Here are six exciting ways to do impactful virtual team building: 


  1. Impactful Icebreakers

We all have done icebreakers, but what if you center them around doing good? Suggested purpose-oriented prompts are below: 

  • When was the first time you volunteered?
  • What was the last nonprofit you donated to?
  • What’s your pet cause?
  • Which organization did you most recently volunteer with?
  • What is the last good deed you did?


  1. ERG-hosted lunch and learns

Invite your Employee Resource Groups to host virtual lunch and learns. It can center around a given topic or theme relevant to the ERG. Open the invitation to anyone at your company. If you’re feeling generous, provide attendees with $10 to order lunch. If they don’t use their $10, suggest donating it to a nonprofit of the ERG’s choosing on Deed. 


  1. Impact Challenges

Do good deeds–together. Create challenges or themed days for your team centered around impact. This could include: 

  • Meatless Mondays: Reduce meat consumption for the environment
  • Don’t be a Sucker: Unplug any electronics not in use to save energy
  • Feel Good Fridays: Offer a meditation or breathing exercise to promote mental health


  1. Virtual Volunteering

On Deed, employees can check out our robust volunteer library, including virtual volunteering. There is an opportunity to do good for everyone, and with our smart matchmaking technology, anyone can find the right volunteer opportunities based on their Deed profile. Plus, employees can invite teammates to volunteer together and create connections among a dispersed workforce. 


  1. Movie Club or Book Club

Host a monthly meeting to not talk about work. Instead, invite employees to read books or watch movies, then come together for a virtual discussion. Perhaps you pick material relevant to your current impact programming or a Cause of the Month


  1. Donation Competitions

Run friendly competitions between teams. Make it equitable by challenging teams to get 100% donation participation or challenge to raise the most money. Every dollar counts! 



If you’re looking for innovative ways to bring impact into your virtual workplace culture, check out Deed! Our platform empowers companies to make an impact and have fun doing it. 



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