Engage Your Employees This Veterans Day in 6 Unique Ways

Every November 11, the US celebrates Veterans Day. It’s an excellent opportunity to donate, volunteer, and support veterans at your company and in your community. Check out our ideas for employee engagement below!


1. Donate

There are many organizations on Deed supporting veterans. Create a fundraiser or matching campaign to support a nonprofit in honor of Veterans Day. Here are a few organizations to check out:

Hire Our Heroes

Team Rubicon

Wounded Warrior Project

RFEA: The Forces Employment Charity

Help for Heroes

Paralyzed Veterans of America

Transition Projects


2. Volunteer

Find a volunteering opportunity on Deed or create your own to support veterans! If your employees have the day off, encourage them to use the day as an opportunity to volunteer and earn donation credits. 


3. Write cards or letters to veterans

Create an event for employees to write cards or letters to veterans and people currently on active duty. Your event could be a happy hour or a midday coffee and craft break. 


4. Host a nonprofit or guest speaker

Create an event for employees to learn more about the work of a nonprofit organization supporting veterans. In addition, you could host a guest speaker in celebration of Veterans Day. 


5. Explore a national park

Fun fact: National Parks are free on Veterans Day! If your staff has the day off, encourage them to get outside, enjoy the fresh air and visit a National Park. 


6. Give back to your community

Check out organizations or community groups that support veterans locally. It’s a great time to make a connection between your company and your community. 


Interested in doing more good? Check out how Deed can help. 

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