Inside: Deed’s Mobile App Relaunch

Kristian Toland breaks down what’s new and what’s next for our iOS & Android social impact app.




Everybody talks about doing good, but not everybody actually makes the time to volunteer or donate on a regular basis. Why is that? 


This is essentially the question that brought me to the product team at Deed. With so much technology at our fingertips today, offering seemingly endless possibilities for how to spend our days, I’m interested in where, when, why, and how people use tech to do good. 


Our VP of Product Stav Kashi notes that Deed’s product teams are organized around our users. We think that by focusing on employees, nonprofits, and social impact leads, respectively, our talented software developers and product managers can deliver a smoother experience on the platform for each user persona’s unique needs. 


My team focuses on the employee experience. We like to think of our work as an effort to help people become the volunteers and donors they want to be. Accessibility and inclusivity are crucial to that end. We’re thrilled to relaunch Deed’s mobile app (available on iOS & Android), which makes it easier to get involved in social impact at work, in the community, and around the world. 


Let’s look at what’s new—and what’s next—for Deed’s social impact app. 

Deed’s native social impact app 

Having a mobile app allows us a direct line to our users, wherever they are. It facilitates simple check-in, and communication between organizers and volunteers. 



It allows us to engage the full team at a company, from the CEO’s office to the factory floor, including the over 80 percent of the workforce who are non-desk employees. It means we can facilitate engagement in developing regions, where the difference between mobile and traditional desktop internet access is particularly acute. Indeed, globally the majority of internet traffic now comes via mobile devices.

We’re proud of our mobile app, and of its part in Deed history. That’s why we’re so excited to have launched a (much anticipated!) revamped and upgraded new version!


The new Deed mobile app update


The latest version of the Deed App is out now(!) and can be found now in the App Store for Apple/iOS users and the Play Store for Android.

This is a milestone update to the mobile app since I joined Deed, and I can’t wait for you all to see it! Our release communication covered the full run-down of what’s new, so I just want to talk briefly about some of my personal favorite new features below:

Deed Communities 

Communities make their debut on the Deed mobile app! We’re really excited about the power of our new Communities feature in bringing like-minded individuals in your employee resource groups (ERGs) together in their support for a common course, and support for each other. Having Communication available directly from the App makes it that much easier to engage.



Logging volunteer hours

You can now log your hours directly from the Deed App! It feels great to do good, but it feels even better when that good can be recognized, rewarded, and amplified. Being able to log volunteer hours directly from the mobile app makes it even easier for employees to notify their employer of their work, so that that work can be rewarded, including with dollars for doers.


Deed, in your language

For the first time, the Deed mobile app is now localized in thirteen different languages for greater inclusivity in social impact. There should be no language barrier to doing good and 47 percent of our users are based in countries or regions where English isn’t the main language. So this is a big step in the right direction.


What’s next for Deed’s native social impact app

2023 already looks set to be a momentous year for Deed! I think what I’m most excited about from our Employee Team is making it easier to engage, even on a smaller scale, with Deed's “actions.”

Small acts of kindness we do on a daily and weekly basis can add up to make a mighty impact over the course of our lives. These actions deserve to be recognized and rewarded too! I can’t wait to tell you all about it in another blog post very soon!

One more thing: How social impact apps drive employee engagement 


Maybe your organization is trying to establish itself as a household name, but you want to do all you can to make sure that name is synonymous with social impact. Deed’s growing community is made up of some names you already know—like Airbnb and DoorDash—and some you may not yet know, large multinational organizations using social impact tech to galvanize their employees to do more good every day, and to push the organization’s core purpose in the right direction. 


Deed is a workplace giving and volunteering platform that puts people first, because user experience shouldn’t stand between you and doing good. We help social impact and diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) teams foster genuine human connection by empowering employees to support causes they care about together in-person and online, with the data and insights they need to drive engagement. Backed by PayPal and a solid infrastructure of trusted payment processors, our Fortune 500 partners support +2 million nonprofits with ease. 


And together, our community is doing more good deeds everyday at work, at home, in our neighborhoods, and all over the world. 

Ready to put a fun and engaging social impact platform in your employees hands? 



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