Top 6 Tips for Setting Up a Workplace Giving Program

Setting up a workplace giving program isn’t easy, and Deed is here to help!

A workplace giving program is typically part of a larger workplace social impact or CSR program. It includes any philanthropic donations made by employees, and often, donations made by companies.

There are many benefits to running a giving program. In addition to giving back, it often increases employee engagement and retention. Employees want to do good alongside their colleagues. They also want their company to care about doing good as much as they do.

If you haven’t established workplace giving yet or are just looking for additional tips, follow our six tips below:


1. Decide what constitutes your program. 

Common features of workplace giving programs include:

  • Matching program: Match a specific dollar amount per employee donation. 
  • Fundraisers for specific causes meaningful to your company: As an example, a tech company might be passionate about STEM education and start a STEM-specific fundraiser.
  • Partner nonprofit donations: Focus your giving program on specific organizations you respect and admire. 
  • Crisis campaigns: Help immediately by creating a fundraising opportunity for nonprofits on the ground. In moments of crisis, Deed also curates nonprofits to support.
  • Employee or ERG-led initiatives: Empower employees or ERGs to lead their own fundraising efforts and rally their coworkers behind causes. 
  • Donation credits: Give funds to new hires or celebrate current employees. These funds are allocated specifically for donating to nonprofits as a part of the overall giving program. 


2. Establish a budget and set goals

Some companies allocate a budget for corporate donations, donation credits, or employee donation matches. Others might not have the extra cash to spare. Determine what your company’s giving program budget looks like. Even if you don’t have the funds, don’t worry, you can still run a successful giving program. 


Next, set your goals. We recommend setting realistic yet aspirational annual goals. A great place to start: a company-wide goal for donations (amount, total number, or both). You can also attach team or location-specific goals, depending on your company culture and structure. Your budget can help influence your goals. 


3. Set up your platform

Once you’ve established your goals, budget, and program, you need to figure out how to keep it running and organized. Here’s where Deed can help. Our platform is an easy, all-in-one tool for managing a workplace giving program. Some of our key features include:

  • Pre-funded budgets
  • One invoice for all donations
  • Global giving 
  • Integrations
  • Donation credits for employees
  • And so much more!

Deed makes it easy to manage a giving program so that you can focus your energy on impact.


4. Engage employees

A giving program is a great way to inspire your colleagues and attract new hires. It also is one of the fastest-growing trends among companies to retain employees.


Once your program is in motion, get employees to participate. It’s exciting to build community. Deed offers social features, visible metrics, and Slack integration for community engagement. You also could introduce some competition with team vs. team. Plus, encourage employees and ERGs to create their own fundraisers and get their teammates involved. Check out Deed's employee engagement features!


Employees also love using Deed. The platform has the features that employees are looking for, such as easy account management, automated payroll donations, and over 2 million nonprofits to choose from. As a result, doing good at work has never been easier. Deed also has an iOS and Android app!


5. Give, Give, Give

Your goals are established, the program is set, your platform is live, and employees are excited. Now it’s time to give! Encourage continued donations year-round, not just at the end of the year or during key moments.


As your goals progress, determine what motivates your team and how to celebrate the small wins along the way. With Deed’s Slack app, you can applaud hitting goals as they happen!


6. Tracking and Reporting

Deed offers detailed reporting functionality that makes tracking successes and managing a budget stress-free. Our reporting features allow you to see progress towards your goals and provide better insights. Deed is here to help you tell a compelling story about your company’s impact. Learn more about reporting and analytics in Deed here!



These six tips are just the beginning. With Deed, you and your company can do so much more to create and execute a robust, impactful program. Request a demo to learn more!


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