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Welcome to Vantage, a monthly newsletter on the future of responsible business from Deed. Now read by thousands of social impact leaders and advocates, Vantage offers: 


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Vantage Archive


January/February 2024

What to expect from CSR in 2024
  Consider These 5 Investments for ERGs


December 2023

The top 10 ideas on corporate social impact from 2023
  Screen Shot 2023-12-26 at 3.41.50 PM-1

November 2023

Now what?
  Calculating impact in 2024 considerations

October 2023

Giving Season 2023: Taking a global approach
  october vantage

September 2023

What soft skills do you use in your social impact work?
  What soft skills do you use in your social impact work


August 2023

After Maui and Idalia, CSR means disaster relief
  Vantage August 2023

July 2023

Extreme heat is a challenge for employee engagement AND social impact
  Extreme heat employee engagement social impact

June 2023

How employers are responding to the SCOTUS affirmative action ruling
  Human Rights Watch

May 2023

The loneliness epidemic sweeping America



April 2023

For ESG leaders, what comes after Earth Month? 

March 2023

Why diverse boards = stronger companies

Vantage March 2023


February 2023

How is the private sector responding to Turkey and Syria?



Vantage February 2023


January 2023

Can we create Martin Luther King’s “person-oriented society”?



Vantage January 2023


December 2022

Social impact leaders: Did 2022 restore your optimism?



Vantage December 2022


November 2022

CFOs to boost spending on ESG/DEIB despite recession fears



Vantage November 2022


October 2022

Inside the Q4 stress test for purpose-driven companies



Vantage October 2022


September 2022

Introducing Vantage



Introducing Vantage






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